Somehow It Took Until *Checks Calendar* May 2020 For Someone To Invent The "Utey"

Yes. Like a shoey.

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Tik Tok/ AdrianAlaberg

If you've written Tik Tok off as a silly app for kids then man, you really are missing out on some quality content.

Whether or not the video we're about to show you falls into the "quality" section is up to you to decide - but it definitely qualifies as one of the most Australian things we've ever seen.

Two blokes are going, as the kids say, viral for a video they uploaded to the short form video site in which they dismiss the "shoey" as not being "Aussie enough".

Instead, Adrian Alaberg and his mate (who goes by the name of Captain Australia) fill up a VB-branded bucket with tinny after tinny.

Then, dressed in stubbies and thongs, Captain Australia stands in the tray of a ute with one of the sides down, and pours all of the beer out until it funnels down the little gutter and straight into Adrian's mouth.

You know what they say: The only way to make a VB taste better is to mix it with construction debris in a dirty ute tray!

The video has already clocked up 32,000 views and counting; check it out below.


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Triple M Staff

29 May 2020

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Triple M Staff

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