Soon You Could Be Hiring Out Your Townsville Pool To Strangers


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Summer temps are sneaking in and it’s definitely the time of year where we’re either living in our pools, or really hoping our mates with a pool invite us over to use theirs!

Have you ever thought of registering your pool AirBnB style? It’s a thing guys!

They’ve been doing this in the States since July and now it’s rumoured to be an option for Aussie pool owners in the coming weeks.

Here’s the details…Swimply offers ‘an option to decrease the costs associated with a pool, putting an end to the downside of usage versus cost’ says Domain.

Users in America have raved about the service and have even gone to lengths of hiring pools to host birthday parties and family BBQs.

There’s just three steps to it:

  • Find the pool

Request a pool (or two), get approved, then simply confirm. You will only be charged for the pool you confirm with.

  • Chat with the host

Communicate easily and coordinate flawlessly through Swimply chat, and enjoy data privacy and user protections.

  • Dive right in

Upon confirmation, you will have access to everything you need to know including address, enter and exit info, and things like the Wi-Fi password.

Would you hire out your pool, Townsville? Nearly 2.7 million Aussies have one, so that’s a lot of dollars being earned if they all AirBnB their pools!



Triple M Townsville

25 November 2019

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Triple M Townsville

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