SOS, Message in a Plastic Bottle

A Cannery Arts exhibition

23 July 2018

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The Cannery boasts some of the best art in the local area and surrounds. This latest exhibition is one that will arrest your creative senses while delivering an important environmental message.

Larry Youngson is an Esperance artists and he has imagined and executed the ‘SOS, A Message in a Plastic Bottle’ project.

You will be taken on a beautiful, visual journey that will inform and provoke.

Mr. Youngson had this to say about the exhibition:

“I have always valued the opportunity to promote and encourage the community in active participation on environmental issues that benefit the community through public artwork and exhibitions. Plastic pollution has always been a high property problem for our planet, marine scientists keep revealing to us that the oceans of the world are now reaching a toxic threshold” 

You can see Larry Youngson’s work at the Cannery Arts Centre from Saturday 14 July to Sunday 12 August. The Cannery is open from 10am until 4pm.

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