Soward: "I Just Walked Off Without Shaking Hands"

Are players too friendly after games?

21 September 2017

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Are players in the NRL too friendly with each other post-game? Does it look bad when you see players on a losing side giggling, laughing and having a yarn with players of the opposition post-game? 

Although, then there's the opposite end of the spectrum, where players show bad sportsmanship.

Recently, the Brazilian Women's soccer team refused to shake the hands of the Matildas (Australian Women's soccer team) completely snubbing our victorious girls.

Or is this just showing passion for the game? 

Whatever your stance is on this situation, it certainly divides opinion not only in rugby league but the entire sporting world. 

Triple M's Jamie Soward, recently spoke of a time where he refused to shake the hands of the opposition, simply because he wasn't happy his team lost.

"Against the Raiders, a couple of years ago, I walked off without shaking hands," Sowie said. Listen to the full audio below. 

"We (Dragons) lost on the buzzer. Our record in Canberra stunk for a lot of years and we got beat on the siren two years in a row.

"I just walked off without shaking hands.

"I don't care. I'm in it to win it. If I don't win then I'm not happy.

"I'm judged on wins." 

Is this bad sportsmanship?

Or is this just passion?

Should 'carrying-on' after a game, if you're in a losing side, with the opposition be classified as bad sportsmanship as well? 

It seems it doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit on, players will be criticised on everything they partake in ... the good, bad and ugly! 

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