Speed Limit Review For Lake Macquarie Crash Hotspot

It follows several recent crashes

17 April 2017

The speed limit on the Pacific Highway at Jewells will be reviewed, following a series of recent bad crashes.

There have been at least four serious accidents near the Ntaba Road turn off in the past month alone.

It currently has an 80km/h speed limit, however that could soon be lowered.

"[Highway Patrol] will sit down with the RMS to talk about what we need to do to adjust things on that road to stop people from crashing," Senior Sergeant Tony Grace said.

"I drive that stretch of road every day and I think you can drive through there safely at 80km/h, but obviously some people aren't managing to do that," he said.

"We have to respond to all levels of driving ability, and part of that will be to maybe look at the speed limit."

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