'Spida' Everitt Responds To James Hird's Article On Dustin Martin

"$1.6 million?"

30 July 2017

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‘Spida’ Everitt has disagreed with James Hird's article suggesting Dustin Martin should go and play for Gold Coast next year.

Hird wrote for the Herald Sun that the Suns should “go hard” for the free agent and that they should offer him $1.6 million a year, with the AFL paying half of that.

Spida, speaking on Triple M's pre-game coverage of Gold Coast/Richmond, didn't agree.

“Look, everybody, every side would love to have a Dustin Martin. But $1.6 million?” he asked.

"Would Dustin Martin fit up here? One hundred per cent he would.

“But the only thing I (don't) get the AFL shouldn’t have to pay half his wage. Gold Coast have to stand alone."

He questioned whether the Suns even had that sort of room in the cap.

"It’d be interesting if they could fit him in…I don’t even know if they could fit the $1.6 (million) in," he said.

“I think on paper they’ve got a good enough side. They’ve just got to be able to get the side to play four quarters of footy. We’ve seen (it) in glimpses. You just need the consistency of it. 


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