Star Wars Merch That'll Get Your Inner Jedi Off

Droids, drones and dog costumes

11 December 2017

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The latest installment in the Star Wars series is due to hit Australian cinemas this week and that means a whole lot of brand new toys to play with.

Honestly, these guys think of everything and, with prices starting at just $7, you should be able to find something for everyone on your shopping list.

Propel Star Wars Battle Drone: TIE Advanced X1 Fighter

This collectors' edition battle drone is so mind-blowing, one reviewer claims he was moved to tears just by opening the box. It's handmade, individually numbered and comes in a wax-sealed box and can battle up to 12 Star Wars quadcopters at the same time. It's basically THE ultimate gift for Star Wars fans.

Available from JB Hi-Fi, $299

Star Wars Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

It's probably the exxiest biscuit box you'll ever spring for but come on. Look at it! It is a little on the small side, though, so may be more suitable for lollies. Either way, it's great and you need it.

Available from Amazon, $61.99

Darth Vader Toaster

We told you they think of everything. Stick your preferred breaded good - raisin toast, pikelets, crumpets, English muffins, whatever - in the top of Darth Vader's head and let him serve you a Star Wars-emblazoned brekkie. Would probably look even better sitting beside your Stormtroop biscuit tin.

Available from Think Geek, $67

Star Wars: The Black Series Trivial Pursuit

You know what's even better than a boardgame? A Star Wars-themed boardgame. With close to 2,000 questions from the movie series split into categories - including The Cantina, The Force, Heroes, Villains and Scoundrels, The Saga, A Galaxy Far, Far Away and Hyperspace - this collectors' edition would put even a Jedi Master to the test.

Available from Amazon, $71.95

R2-D2 Screwdriver

It's tiny, it's cute and it's less than $20 which makes this R2-D2 screwdriver the perfect Secret Santa present for your Star Wars-obsessed colleague. It's basically as close to having the actual R2-D2 as you're ever going to get.

Available from Think Geek, $8

Stormtrooper Toddler Costume

You gotta start 'em young, don't you? There are also Princess Leia, Yoda and Darth Vader options but we reckon this'll be the easiest one to strap a squirming toddler into. 

Available from Amazon, $40.95

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid With Force Band

Strap the Force Band to your wrist and control your very own BB-8 by using authentic Jedi Force. Once you've mastered your push, pull and drive moves, your app-enabled BB-8 will even follow you around based on what direction your body moves in. It's also bloody cute and is getting rave reviews online.

Available from JB Hi-Fi, $249

R2-D2 Musical Stubbie Holders

Another cracking stocking stuffer, if we do say so ourselves. What looks like a pretty standard stubbie holder actually plays R2-D2 sounds effects when you're taking a swig. And, again, it's less than $20. Add to cart, please and thank you.

Available from Amazon, $17.99

Darth Vader Phone Charger


A mini Darth Vader figurine doubles as an emergency phone charger for extra juice on-the-go. Running off standard AA batteries, it'll give your mobile a three-hour boost when you need it most.

Available from Think Geek, $6.60

R2-D2 Pet Costume

There are no words, really. Buy one for every pet you own. You won't regret it.

Available from Amazon, $31.99

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