Starting Tonight: Triple M Unveils New Show 'Be A Man' With Gus Worland

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Tonight we're airing a brand new show, created with our mates at Podcast One, discussing what it means to be a man today. Listen in on Triple M from 10pm to 'Be A Man'.


In 2017 Triple M undertook an extensive research campaign - ‘The Triple M Man Study’. This research endeavoured to provide a better understanding of men and what drives their behaviours.

Based on these insights, PodcastOne has created the Be A Man podcast series hosted by Triple M’s Gus Worland and Dr Tim Sharp, from The Happiness Institute, to discuss and explore, the evolution of what it is to be a man in the modern era and more importantly their mental health.

Gus and Dr Tim chat to inspirational role models and tackle the many issues that men may face in their lives today, including career, relationships, social media, sex and health.

Here's Gussy talking to Triple M Sydney's The Grill Team (of which he is obviously a key member) and The Hot Breakfast on Triple M Melbourne: 


Gus Worland said, ““For generations, men in this country have been brought up to believe they should be strong, brave and determined. But while they may look tough on the outside, this traditional view has left many men lacking the tools to open up about the issues they face today. We hope this podcast encourages both men and the women in their lives to continue to change these norms about what it is to Be A Man.”

Dr Tim said, “As I see it, one of the most significant problems for men is that they’ve been led to believe there’s only one way to be a man. The reality is, there are many different types of “masculinities” and many different ways to be a man. The sooner we can accept and explore this, the more likely it is men will be able to live genuine, authentic lives and, therefore, enjoy greater health and happiness.

Be A Man is now available at, or via the Podcast One App on iphone and Android. Episodes of Be A Man will also be played across the Triple M Network on Tuesday nights at 10pm.  

Triple M’s Head of Content Mike Fitzpatrick said “As a brand that talks directly to more Australian men than any other, Triple M has an obligation to discuss and explore the evolution of masculinity.

"We’re very proud of what we’ve created with Podcast One and hope that this starts a conversation amongst men right across the country. We aim to help Australian blokes reach their full potential and grow the next generation of considered and self aware young men.”


Be A Man - Episodes include:

Toxic masculinity – Author Tim Winton

Health – The Health Hacker host Adam MacDougall

Career – The Mentor host Mark Bouris

Women – Journalist and #metoo advocate Tracey Spicer

Social Media - #HeartOnMySleeve founder Mitch Wallis

Sexuality - LGBTI advocate and AFL player Jason Ball

The Enemy Within – Aboriginal and former NRL player Joe Williams

Depression and other dirty words – “Bloke whisperer” Tom Harkin

Therapy and terrifying emotions – Terry Cornick from men’s BBQ group Mr Perfect

Matt Bellotti

8 May 2018

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Matt Bellotti

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