State Government Considering Vaccine Mandate For Police And Teachers

"I think it's really important"

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The state government has confirmed they are open to making the Covid vaccine mandatory for more workers, starting with police and teachers.

The main concern is that while young children can't get the jab, fully vaccinated teachers need to be their line of protection.

State government considering vaccine mandate for police and teachers

Australian Medical Association Tasmania President Dr. Helen McArdle says they support extending vaccine mandates to public sectors

“We have seen enormous numbers of police furloughed just because of exposure, so I think it's a good argument for police. I think it’s really important for teachers and potentially childcare workers to be vaccinated so they don’t infect children who can then go and infect other people.”

Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff says they're looking at extending the rule to other groups in the public sector.

“We will consider other areas across our public service, particularly areas that are front-facing with our community, such as police education and mandatory vaccination for our healthcare workers, that deadline is the 31st of October.”

The end of October deadline is looming for healthcare workers, they need to get the vaccine by the end of this weekend or risk losing their jobs.

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25 October 2021

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