Origin Sex Survey

The results are in.

20 June 2017

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With the second of State of Origin game coming up tomorrow, we have received these stats on how the states measure up... in the bedroom! 

NSW may well have won the first game but do they also dominate in the field of sex? 

Lovehoney, which is a leading online sex toy retailer, surveyed people from both states and the results showed are below. 

NSW have sex for longer 

- 24% NSW over 30 min vs 18% QLD over 30 min 
- 72% NSW have sex for longer than 15 min vs 64% of QL

NSW have sex more often

- 56% having sex at least once a week in NSW compared to 51% in QLD

QLDers own more sex toys than NSW 

- 25% QLD own over 10 vs 19% NSW

NSW masturbate for longer 

- 35% NSW over 15 min vs 25% QLD

NSW came out on top of this survey but will they on Wednesday? 

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