Stay in this long weekend, Cambridge Residences style

You've had enough of sports carnivals

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With the long weekend just around the corner (cheers for that, GC Show Day!), it’s time to branch out your long weekend style. Too many times you’ve spent it at the kids’ sports carnival, or braved the drive to the in-laws, or fixed that broken thing you swore you’d fix “when you have time”. It’s time for you to be the stay-at-home long weekender.



Hear me out.

I’ve made a list of some in-home activities that’ll do you the world of good. I’ve chosen Robina’s impressive new address Cambridge Residences as backdrop for my long weekend plans. You could say their super spacious floor plans have been my muse.

  1. Stock up on supplies at the nearby marketplace. It’s finally time to bake a Tarte Tatin, just like those master-y chefs. There’s a bit less time pressure in your super sleek kitchen, however.
  2. Take up the noble art of landscape painting and create multiple masterpieces of the mountain views from your balcony.
  3. Exercise is important, so be sure to head down to the lap pool in the afternoon. I want to make clear - there is zero pressure to actually A feet dip certainly counts as exercise. If you’re feeling adventurous, have a quick look at the gym then promise yourself you’ll work out on Monday.
  4. Spend half an hour adding insightful documentaries to ‘My List’ on Netflix, then re-watch Tidying Up and Marie Kondo your apartment for the 3rd
  5. Invite your family over for a BBQ in the entertaining area. Be sure to give them clear directions to the nearby marketplace, so they can bring the meat, salads, drinks and breads.


Cambridge Residences have designed their apartments in a way that makes you want to stay in. Sure, heading out and about is fine and all, but being at home is pretty damn special when you live in a great tower. Top location, great design and handy facilities. It’s the kind of lifestyle that makes living on the Gold Coast so wonderful. What better way to spend our Gold Coast public holiday?!

Choose a one or two bedroom apartment to start living your best life, nestled between our coast’s gold and green.

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21 August 2019

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