Steins, Lederhosen and Boulder

Bouldefest is back!

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The Annual Boulderfest is back this Sunday. A massive tradition in Burt Street and surrounds, Boulderfest is a Goldfields way of celebrating Ocktoberfest.Get in to the spirit and dress up for the occasion!

There is plenty of action in Boulder this week for the monthly Boulder Market Day too - 

  • James Wright from Love Kitchen Australia
  • 2Up2Down Community Choir
  • Darian from Gone Troppo
  • Plenty of food stalls
  • Speedway cars post their opening night Saturday
  • Early christmas gift options
  • Charites and organisations to support
  • and so much more. 

Market Day is from 9 - 1 and Boulderfest from 10am - 5pm 

Commemorative steins - such as the one pictured are available for purchase for $18 from 

Historic Recreation Hotel

Albion Shamrock Hotel

Broken Hill Hotel

Grand Hotel

Miners and City Worker's Club

Boulder Ex-Serviceman's Club

3B Bar

16 October 2019

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