Steve Price Apologises For His Comments About AFLW

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Steve Price has apologised for saying he wouldn’t cross the road to watch AFLW on the Hot Breakfast this morning.


“I normally wouldn’t do this, but I think I need to put this into some sort of context,” Price said.

“My eldest daughter is overseas at the moment, living in Brussels and she’s in her last year of a law degree.

“She sent me a WhatsApp message which I am gonna read out, because of what I said last week. It is a form of an apology from me.

“She said ‘Dad, I have to say I started to cry reading your views on AFLW.

“‘I’m incredibly disappointed, and it makes me very angry. You raised me to love the game of AFL, and thanks to the AFLW competition, I finally got the courage to join a club and play last year.

“‘Having a woman’s league encouraged me to get involved with the sport I’d watched and admired my entire life.

“‘Without it, I never would have played it, it makes me pretty furious to know you don’t care.’

“So that struck home for me.

“I’m not changing my view that i think a lot of money’s been spent where it perhaps shouldn’t be, but I must say when you get one of your children saying that to you, it pulls you up pretty sharp.”

Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy went head to head to with Price last week after his AFLW comments on the Hot Breakfast.


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Rudi Edsall

9 March 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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