Stop HAY FEVER! Drink cocktails, cheese and cured meats!

According to science

29 October 2018

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Spring has sprung! The birds are out and singing, the flowers are in full bloom and there is pollen EVERYWHERE! For the small minority of hay fever sufferers out there (myself included) it is a time of phlegmy coughs and piles of used tissues trying to combat the pollen allergy. The problem is only exacerbated by the upcoming harvest.

There is a new, solution though to tackle the runny nose and scratchy throat syndrome, and no it’s not the latest variety of hay fever tables, most of which I have grown immune to. It’s a type of cocktail.

Gin & Tonics and other cocktails with clear spirits (such as vodka) all contain low levels of histamine and sulphates, the active agent that works to alleviate hay fever symptoms, according to Asthma UK.

Not only that but cured meats and fish as well a large variety of cheeses, namely camembert, parmesan and cheddar, are high in histamines as well!

You know what that means right? Time to change your breakfast routine from Weetbix to a cocktail and a cheese platter! (I wouldn’t actually be doing that if I were you though!)

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