Strategies To Not Overdo Drinking At The Office Christmas Party

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With the days in December ticking along it’s fair to say Christmas cheer is well and truly on, which also means the office Christmas party is also inevitably coming up sometime over the next few weeks.

If you’re worried about overdoing it on the booze, or whether to skip a festive drink with colleagues altogether, accredited sports dietitian Chloe McLeod told Triple M there are some simple strategies to follow that will still let you have some fun.

“Alcohol is incredibly energy dense, there’s a lot of calories in alcohol but you don’t want to be missing out on that glass of champagne or that beer at the Christmas party,” she said.

It’s not a race

Yes, an office party means drinks are likely on the house, but McLeod urges party goers to remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

“You’re also not wanting to overdo it from a calorie perspective,” she said.

“The number one tip there would be to pace yourself, really take your time and sip on your drink.

“Don’t hold your in your hand, it makes it easier to drink it, instead take a sip and put it down on the table or the bench next to you as much as you can.”

Staying hydrated will help tackle that next-day hangover

It’s almost a no-brainer, but McLeod says it’s also important to drink lots of water throughout the event.

“If you’re sitting at a table keep water nearby so you can sip on a glass of water throughout the evening and just drink the alcohol when you want to have a taste of it,” she said.

“That can help you feel like you’re not missing out but it can also significantly reduce how much you might drink.

“Also, by drinking more water if you do end up over-consuming, it also means you’re less likely to be feeling it the next day as well because you’ll be better hydrated.”

Go easy on the mixers

While beer and wine are pretty easy to navigate, the party can really get started once the spirits cabinet is open for business.

If you’re going down this route, McLeod suggests you ditch the mixers and go for soda water.

“If you’re drinking spirits, skip the soft drink as much as possible as use a soda water instead,” McLeod added.

Remember it's your responsibility to ensure you drink responsibly and be respectful to others. 

If you choose to drink alcohol, make sure you don't get behind the wheel. Many of the other available transportation options could include taking a taxi or ride-share, catching public transport, riding with a driver who's not been drinking, or arranging for a friend or relative to pick you up.

Troy Nankervis

4 December 2017

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