Sunraysia pet owners urged to keep our animals cool!

Temperatures set to hit the forties!

7 February 2018

Article heading image for Sunraysia pet owners urged to keep our animals cool!

The Andrews Labour Government is reminding pet owners across Sunraysia the importance of keeping our beloved animals cool during heat waves.

With temperatures in the forties, pets should have access to clean, cool drinking water and shady, ventilated areas throughout the day.

Officials have issued the warning to never leave pets left unattended in cars, even with the windows down.

Parked cars can quickly become a furnace, with pets sometimes suffering from heat stroke, brain damage, or dying in as little as 4 to 6 minutes.


The call comes to help minimize pet stress, with owners of older pets, pets with thick coats, short noses, or pets adapted to cooler climates encouraged to heed warnings and monitor their animals.


Active Local Laws Coordinator Matthew Collins says keeping pets cool is crucial for their health.


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