Survey Says: Aussies Bloody Love Xmas Music

Do they though?

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Sony have gone to some lengths to find out just how much Aussies love their Christmas tunes.

The perhaps surprising news is that 78% of us actually quite like Christmas music.

As it turns out, the two most common reasons why, was that it put people in the mood for Christmas (51%) and that it reminded them of happy times (42%).

When it comes to our preferred festive tunes, traditional Christmas carols (31%) took the top spot, followed by old Christmas classics (27%) and modern Christmas songs (21%).

From what we saw in the survey, the stand out stat was that 17% of Millennials choose to play Christmas music just to be annoying. Typical 🙄

Of course, there was a very clever reason for Sony to spruik this sort of study, and that's to remind us all that they've got a brand spanking new headphone offering on the market, just in time for Christmas.

The Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones are available to purchase from their website for SRP$399.95. Apparently they have all the bells and whistles and, as you'd imagine, have the latest in noise cancelling technology so you can keep all your fave Christmas tunes all to yourself 🎧


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12 December 2019

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