Bunbury Stripped Of Points In Round 1

Administration Error Costs Win

Daniel Leach

9 April 2019

Daniel Leach

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An error in the lodging of a player's point value has caused Bunbury to lose its game against the Harvey Bulls.

Following a review into the player points tally of both sides, it was found that one of the Bulldogs' player was given too low a player point value.

Once adjusted, the team's point value was over the threshold.


The rules state that a team over their point value will be stripped of their result, but the team scores will stand.

It means the Harvey Bulls are awarded the win, but only have a percentage just below 29%, while Bunbury's percentage remains at nearly 350%.

Eaton Boomers10219.184
Carey Park10160.004
AMR Hawks10158.334
HBL Lions10115.254
Harvey Bulls1028.874
South Bunbury0163.160
Collie Eagles0145.620
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