Swimming Programs set to launch across the region!

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8 November 2017

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Basic water safety education programs are being provided throughout Sunraysia early next year.


Council's offering low cost swimming lessons and general water safety courses at five public swimming pools over the month of January.


Locals will be able to learn how to swim with the 2018 VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program in Ouyen, Colignan, Red Cliffs, Merbein and Irymple.



The program is $30 per week, and will be provided by qualified swimming instructors across a four to five day program.


The program itself has been running since 1976, and caters to all swimming abilities; from first-time swimmers to confident lap swimmers.


Mayor Mark Eckel says it's important children learn basic water safety to ensure they maximize their enjoyment around the water while remaining as safe as possible.


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