Sydney Accrues Another 35 New Covid Cases

Uncertain Times

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Sydney is planning to come out of lockdown on Friday July 9.

However, with 35 new cases in total on July 5, it’s hard to say what will happen.

The good news is, 24 of those cases were in isolation for their entire infectious period.

Chief Health Officer Doctor Kerry Chant said,

“I’m making no comment until I’ve looked at all the data. Every day brings a new set of data and a new set of challenges, and what we think in the morning could change in the afternoon”.

Baulham Hills aged care home has now reported five new covid positive cases.

They have been reported to be asymptomatic and doing very well.

35 New Covid Positive Cases In Sydney:

Only one third of the staff have been vaccinated, and it was revealed that one of the residents who tested positive was also not vaccinated. 

A list of locations and exposure sites can be found here.

Please remember to go get tested if you were in one of these areas or are exhibiting slight symptoms.

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5 July 2021

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