Sydney Councils Are Using Social Media To Catch People Parking Illegally

Dodgy parkers beware!

31 October 2017

Those who sometimes do a bit of a dodgy park beware: Sydney councils are using social media to catch illegal carparkers.

The Inner West Council, which comprises suburbs including Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield, leads the list of areas with citizens dobbing in illegal parking.

This is closely followed by City of Sydney, Liverpool, Blacktown and Parramatta Councils.

The smartphone app Snap Send Solve has allowed councils increased resources to investigate, with citizens actively using the app to report illegal parking to councils.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a spokesperson from the Inner West Council has confirmed that fines will not be issued based on the photo alone, but that this would trigger an investigation with a parking ranger often sent to the area to check.

“Whether people phone, email, snap, post or tweet us about illegal parking, we respond,” Blacktown mayor Stephen Bali said.

“Anything that makes it easier for us to track down people overstaying their limit and denying other people a parking space is worth using.”


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