Sydney Hospitals Under Strain With Worst Yet To Come

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian has warned October will be the worst month for New South Wales Intensive Care Units.

The pre-emptive war cry comes as pressure mounts on Sydney's three major hospitals currently treating the bulk of the state's covid patients.

Deputy chief medical officer Professor Michael Kidd told 9 the health system will be able to cope.

"Throughout the pandemic we have been building up our capacity in Intensive care units, we’ve been building up our capacity in a number of ventilators available. But, most of all we've been building up our work force"

- Prof. Michael Kidd

But with the tragic loss of a former Cumberland Hospital patient on Monday, the spotlight has been shone brightly on the estimated 100 COVID cases acquired in public hospitals in Sydney since the Delta pandemic began.

More so, the roll-on effect of COVID being contracted within hospitals means that staff are being furloughed, having to undergo mandatory isolation with the hospital’s exposures growing.


Meantime, Paramedics are concerned the city’s healthcare system is buckling under the current outbreak, with major hospitals in western Sydney turning coronavirus patients away due to bed shortages. 

Alan O’Riordan, assistant secretary of the Australian Paramedics Association’s NSW branch, said that despite NSW health minister Brad Hazzard’s convictions that the state is delivering the best ‘health system in the world’, it’s a very different story on the ground.

“As much as Minister Hazzard and the premier say the hospitals are coping, they’re not … I think we proactively need to manage the bed crisis now.”

- Alan O'Riordan

According to the Federal governments health website there are currently 840 COVID patients in NSW hospitals with 137 in ICU. 


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31 August 2021

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