Sydney’s Most Criminal Suburbs Have Been Revealed

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A new study has been completed and the Sydney suburbs with the most crime have been revealed.

The results have showed that most of the suburbs are in the west. 

According to and the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Bankstown is on top of the list for the most car thefts with Blacktown coming in first for the most burglaries and the most vandalism. 

Just within the last six years, there have been 1,457 recorded break-ins in the Blacktown area.

Dr Garner Clancey, a criminologist and senior lecturer at Sydney University, told that criminals generally target areas they grew up in or are familiar with. 

He stated. “The journey to crime data suggests offenders travel quite short distances, only a couple of kilometres and tend to offend in areas they know, because they have an understanding of likely chances to be caught.”

Suburbs with the most car thefts:

  1.  Bankstown (991)
  2.  Blacktown (887)
  3.  Liverpool (805)
  4.  Auburb (625)
  5.  Penrith (625)

Suburbs with the most burglaries:

  1. Blacktown (1,457)
  2. Liverpool (1,156)
  3. Parramatta (1,125)
  4. Strathfield (1,082)
  5. Westmead (985)

Suburbs with the most vandalism:

  1.  Blacktown (4,101)
  2.  Sydney (2,920)
  3.  Penrith (2,551)
  4.  Parramatta (2,496)
  5.  Campbelltown (2,482)

12 September 2017

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