Tanya & Steve's $5,000 Secret Sound Has Been SOLVED!!!

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Tanya & Steve's $5,000 Secret Sound was solved this morning, leaving Mick in Woodrising $5,000 richer! 


We had a couple of guesses before Mick scored the cash.

Poor Conrad didn't quite get it, guessing it was the sound of a seatbelt fastening.

Zoe thought it was the sound your seat makes when you're adjusting it and clicking it into place.

But THEN! Mick hit the nail on the head. We've had all kinds of guesses, but it was this guess which WON the moolah. Check it out below!

PLUS! Here are all the clues that Tanya & Steve delivered over the past 3 weeks to help Mick solve it:

Clue 1:
Primary (Seatbelts form part of a car’s Primary Restraint System – as opposed to airbags which are part of the Supplementary Restrain System SRS)  
Clue 2:
New (Adjustable pillar loops are on most new cars)
Clue 3:
Moving (as in moving in a car)
Clue 4:
Three (Adjustable pillar loops are part of a Three Point Seat Belt)
Clue 5:
Web (Seatbelts are made of webbing)
Clue 6:
Buzz (Buzz as in bee as in B pillar which is where the seat belt adjuster is mounted)
Clue 7:
Secure (Safe and secure with the seatbelt fastened)
Clue 8:
Law (Against the law to NOT wear a seat belt)
Clue 9:
Transport (Cars are our most popular form of transport)
Clue 10:
Click (as in click clack, front and back)
Clue 11:
Adjust (as in adjust the height)
Clue 12:
Belt (as in Seat Belt) 
Listen to the moment Mick won Tanya & Steve's $5,000 Secret Sound:

Amber Lowther

18 October 2018

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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