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Update: February 2024

Spotlight On Tasmania has relaunched in 2024 as a weekly podcast and can be found here 

Original Story: 24-Sept-2022

A new shortcast series has launched with a focus squarely on the island state.

"Spotlight On Tasmania" has 5 fresh episodes a week that cater for the tastes of locals and visitors to Tassie alike, along with a daily state news bulletin. 

In contrast to long form Podcasts, these shortcast episodes are under 10 minutes and designed to provide insights into people, travel, sport, food and history all with a Tasmanian flavour.

Monday - Tassie People

Each week we sit down to chat with a Tasmanian about their life. Some famous, some infamous, some you may never heard of but always compelling. 

The latest episode: 


Previous "Tassie People" episodes

Tuesday - Tasmanian History 

Our island state is rich in history from our indigenous beginnings, through our convict past into Tasmania of recent times. We'll delve into the history of the people, iconic landmarks, historic buildings and more    

Previous "Tasmanian History" Episodes

Wednesday - Everything Tassie in Under 10

This tour of Tassie looks at where to go and what to do for locals, what awaits visitors to our state and features some of the biggest events being held across the state.

Previous Travel Episodes

Thursday - Tassie Tucker 

Tasmania is world renowned for fabulous food and amazing wines. For gourmet restaurants to great tucker from a corner store, wonderful wineries to juices that use the best from the apple isle this weekly episode will have have you ready to tuck in. 

Previous featured "Tassie Tucker"

Friday - Tubes Spin On Sport 

Tasmanian Sports commentator and radio host, Andy "Tubes" Taylor presents a highlight moment of the week or previews an event in the weekend ahead


Previous Spins 

 Download the LiSTNR app and search “Spotlight On Tasmania” to listen for free.

You can also check back on this page for updated episodes on day of release  


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30 April 2024

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