Tasmania Leading The Country With 2030 Net Zero Mandate

A first for Australia

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In an Australian first, the Tasmania Government will pass new laws to make net-zero emissions by 2030 mandatory for the state.

The state has achieved net-zero emissions in six of the last seven years, while our emissions have fallen over 100 percent since 1990.

Tasmania leading the country with 2030 net-zero mandate

Minister for Climate Change Rodger Janesch says we’ve done well so far, but the bill ensures we continue to make positive changes for our environment.

“In Tasmania were actually in negative territory at the moment, less than net zero emissions but it’s not going to stay that way if we just cruise. We’re going to have to do more work to ensure that we keep finding more ways to reduce emissions and draw more greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.”

But not everyone is thrilled, the Greens say it's a meaningless goal if they don't set emissions targets for each sector which is something the Government has refused to do.

Louise Morris from Blue Derby Wild says the proposed bill doesn’t align with the government’s planned logging action.

“Big carbon-neutral forests are planned to be logged, so we’ve got one hand Tasmania positioning themselves as leaders on climate action, clean, green, and clever but we’re still carrying on with really stupid unprofitable and ecologically damaging practices such as native forest logging.”

The draft bill to strengthen the state’s Climate Change Act will be released on Wednesday.

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Triple M Newsroom

12 October 2021

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