Tasmania’s First Fuel App Has Launched

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Tasmanian fuel prices tend to be a bit pricey at times with many locals hunting down the cheapest servo they can find in town.

The State Government have just released on Monday, the Fuel Check Tas App to help aid fuel retailers and consumers.

The app was meant to be released back in April, but due to COVID-19 it has been pushed back until now.

The purpose of the app is to allow Tasmanians to see where the cheapest fuel is located across the state in advance.

The State Government Attorney General & Minister, Elisa Archer, spoke with Brian Carlton on Triple M.

Ms. Archer said that the app allows consumers to know as much information as possible.

“Allowing consumers to know where and what the prices of fuel in advance.”

The majority of fuel suppliers in Tasmania have signed up however fewer independent businesses have.

Ms. Archer hopes to see more independent businesses sign up.

“Currently we are sitting at 240 businesses who have signed up, with some smaller independent businesses being hesitant to sign up.”

This is because in some regional areas there might only be the one fuel option available.

Ms. Archer believes that people need to know what they are paying, especially in the holiday months, before they go to a remote town.

The app is free for the retailers to upload their information and if they don’t Ms. Archer says the government has the right to take legislation action with penalties that apply if they don’t sign up.

“We are working closely with them and encouraging them to sign up, as we don’t want to take action.”

The app is available for both android or apple users and it is very easy to use.

Ms. Archer says for those shopping for their fuel based on price, this is a very handy tool and hopefully all the retailers get on board.

Bonnie Ferguson

22 September 2020

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Bonnie Ferguson

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