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When can I leave my home?

You should stay at home unless you need to be away from home: 

· shopping for supplies or services; or

· undertaking personal exercise; or

· attending medical, or health care, appointments or for medical treatment; or

· providing social support, or care, to another person (including compassionate needs, or to facilitate shared custody, guardianship or care arrangements for another person); or

· attending school or study, if unable to be performed at your home; or

· attending work, or volunteering, if unable to be performed at your home; or

· seeking veterinary services for an animal;

· performing essential maintenance, or security inspections, of another premises owned, or occupied, by you;

· attending another location if you have a reasonable excuse to attend the location.

Should I be going to work?

If you can work from home and agreed by your employer then you should work from home. Otherwise you should go to your place of work but ensure you follow the social distancing rules.

If you are sick, you must not attend your place of work. You must stay at home and away from others, except to seek medical treatment.

What are essential supplies?

Food and other household supplies as well as pharmaceutical or medical supplies. Also anything you may need for urgent home repairs or maintenance or getting your vehicle serviced or repaired.

As long as the business is not a prohibited venue or service you may attend the business to shop for the supplies and services you need to keep your household functioning and care for all members of your household.

What is a prohibited business, venue or service?

Each of the premises listed in Schedule 1 must not open or be operated (these include Restaurants, cafes and foodcourts, with the exception of takeaway) and continue while the Direction is in force.

Each of the services listed in Schedule 2 must not be provided again for as long as the Direction is in force. 

Should I be using public transport?

You are permitted to use public transport to attend school or work or obtaining supplies or attending medical, or health care, appointments or for medical treatment.

Non-essential travel is to be avoided.

Ensure you observe social distancing when on public transport and if possible sit in the back seat of taxis and ride share vehicles.

How often can I go out to get supplies?

Whenever necessary, however it is suggested that you limit this to only as few times per week as possible.

Should I still be sending my kids to school or placing them in childcare ?

All parents who are able to provide appropriate care for their children at home are encouraged to do so. 

Schools will remain open to provide an education for those children that do attend, and will continue their work transitioning to a new operating model of providing support for home and online learning and for the support of essential service workers.

Schools will remain open for the remainder of the first term, however students will only need attend until Friday 3rd of April as Monday 6th April to the 9th of April has now been deemed as "student free" in Tasmania to enable schools and teachers to complete the professional learning required to finalise the delivery of a home and online model from the beginning of the new term post the holidays.

If required, children can also still attend childcare if in home care is not available.

Should grandparents be looking after grandchildren?

Our elderly population is at a higher risk so you should always keep elderly persons well away from any unwell children that are present in any household.  This does not mean grandparents cannot see grandchildren, but extra care should be taken to avoid any contact with someone that is unwell.  

Can I check on my neighbours?

Yes you can provide support to your neighbours, but only 2 people may visit at any one time.

Can I still exercise outdoors or take my children to the park ?

Exercise is encouraged as an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, however the 2 person rule outdoors applies, unless you have more than 2 members of your household, custody or guardianship arrangements, exercising together.

You are also permitted to take children to the park, but you shouldn’t use the playground or exercise equipment.

What about a visit to the post office?

Collecting mail is considered essential.

Can I go to my shack at Easter?

No, you will not be able to go to your shacks for school holidays or for Easter, or at any time unless to conduct urgent maintenance or repairs or a day trip security check.

Tasmania's shack communities are small, many contain retired people understood to be older and more vulnerable.  By moving between your house and your shack you are creating a great risk for the community as a whole.

How is shared custody affected?

All custody arrangements need to be managed and adhered to, unless otherwise altered by mutual arrangements/agreements which should be in writing. Children can live at each partner’s home in line with custody arrangements.

What fines or penalties will I face if I'm not compliant with these new rules?

On the spot fines of $750 for individuals or $5000 for businesses apply for any non-compliance of any COVID-19 directions.

Where can I find more information about any of these rules?

You can read more at https://coronavirus.tas.gov.au or call Tasmanian Public Health Hotline: 1800 671 738

31 March 2020

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