Tasmanian Local Sends Handmade Gift To PM & Scomo Thanks Him Personally

Longford Men’s Shed Member Bob Thomas

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Back in April when the country was at the height of the COVID 19 restrictions, Mr. Thomas was working away in his shed when he decided he wanted to make something new.

He pulled out a piece of timber that he got from Franklin House, a piece of mulberry tree and started turning away at it.


The piece of wood was hard to craft, with many nasty knots, making Mr. Thomas realise that the piece of timber was very similar to the current times. 


“Maybe it was my psyche at the time, this wood was very difficult to turn at the time”


There was a story coming out of it he could see as he progressed.


“The way I felt, the nation felt, the grain of the timber was very hard to work, I felt this piece of timber was reminding me of what we are going through at the time”

Sometimes, you need to listen to the wood, and what comes out of the wood, so he named it the COVID Bowl.

Mr. Thomas thought he would send it to the PM, as everyone was feeling low at that time and it was the PM who was under extreme pressure working out the best action for the country.


He felt he needed to give Mr. Morrison some support.


“My wife said what are you going to do with that? I’m going to send it to the Prime Minister as a thank you for the effect that he and his government have done during COVID”

Mr. Thomas decided he would write the story of how he made this bowl and sent it off in early May by the time he shipped it.

All he wanted was a note to saying thank you, but instead he got a call and a photograph of the PM holding the bowl and a letter. 

Mr. Thomas says that the photograph of Mr. Morrison holding his bowl is going straight to the pool room.

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Bonnie Ferguson

5 October 2020

Article by:

Bonnie Ferguson

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