Tassie Businesses Demand Answers Ahead Of Reopening Plans

"There has been no indication"

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Tasmanian businesses want answers ahead of the border reopening to the country.

The hospitality industry is calling for a plan from the government when Covid reaches our shores and businesses become exposure sites.

Andrew Payner from NRMA Tasmania said the industry has no answers and very little communication for when the border reopens.

“How does it impact business continuity? How does it impact our guests? Who needs to self isolate and for how long? the questions go on and on.”

Robert Mallett from the Tasmanian Small Business Council is also calling for hardship support when we start welcoming in tourists.

“We don’t know whether we have to close, whether we can continue to operate, at the moment there has been no indication whatsoever."

Quarantine times for people who have visited an exposure site has halved in Victoria and New South Wales from 14 days to 7 days for the fully vaccinated.

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Triple M Newsroom

1 November 2021

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