Inspirational Women Of Tasmania

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Born out of a showcase for International Women's Day 2024, Hobart's Triple M Breakfast with Kaz & Tubes wanted to celebrate the remarkable achievements of inspirational women in our Tasmanian landscape.  

As we prepared our list of guests, what started as a one day highlight quickly turned into a weekly special event. These women are not just making waves in businesses and not-for-profits, but leaving their mark on our people, towns, cities, and the vibrant tapestry of our beautiful state.

Every Wednesday, Kaz and Tubes delve into their Tassie Trailblazers journeys, discovering what fuels their passion for making a difference, and how they strike the delicate balance between life and business.

These are our Tassie Trailblazers guests, shining a spotlight on a different remarkable Tasmanian woman each week.

11 June 2024

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