tax scam hitting towns across the country

be alert for Mygov scam

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Limestone Coast Police are urging locals to be on the lookout for a tax scam hitting towns across the country.



The email making the rounds, includes the myGov logo and claims to be from the Government team.



The correspondence offers tax funds for locals, accessible via an email link.



The email may contain viral links or attempt to steal personal and financial information.



SAPOL are reminding locals to always log into myGov independently, and to never by a link provided in an email.



The Australian Taxation Office and myGov will never send an email or link asking you to click a link and provide a login, or personal/financial information.



If you are ever suspicious of an email or text, you can call the Australian Taxation Office on 1800 008 540 to verify or report a scam.



Or you can click the link below!

22 May 2023

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