Ted Sorensen Fires Up Over Fake News!

He phoned the show this morning

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State Member For Hervey Bay, Ted Sorensen phoned in to chat to Scott & Andrew this morning.

Ted wasn't having it with the CCC.

"Where was the CCC when Jo-Ann Miller was complaining about it all the time? What about the auditors? They get a couple hundred thousand to audit the books every year. How come they didn't pick it up?"

Ted also wasn't impressed with the front page of the Chronicle after a story came out with false information about rules and regulations to do with towing a caravan. 

"I don't know what the universities teach these young journo's when they come out of universities anymore because it's just ridiculous and the story that was on front page was just fake news."

Listen to Ted Sorensen's chat with Scott & Andrew here:

Amber Lowther

24 August 2018

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Amber Lowther

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