Teenagers Taken Into Custody Following Shooting In State’s South-East

No one injured in incident

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Four teenagers have been taken into police custody after reports of shots being fire in the area on Wednesday afternoon. 

Police were called to reports of a shooting in the state’s south-west town of Tara about 3.30pm and declared an exclusion zone covering several blocks in the centre of town at 5.30pm.

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Parts of the small town were shut for hours, with residents urged to take shelter – local stores and a pub acting as a place of refuge.

Officers reported initial information indicated a vehicle was shot at on Smallacombe Street.

Residents in the area have since spoken to media, with two men claiming their vehicle had been shot at.

“We were in a vehicle ... and we got shot at,” one of them said.

“I’m still trying to come to terms with it but it’ll hit me in the next couple of days,” the other man added.

The emergency declaration was later revoked around 11.30pm, with police saying four local boys, aged 14, 15, 16 and 16, were assisting with investigations.

Police said the teenagers were found at a Tara residence on Wednesday night and taken into custody without incident.

No one was injured.

Tara is about 40km south of Wieambilla – the location of where six people, including two police offers died, in a shooting in December.

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18 January 2023

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