Tex Walker Addresses The Brodie Grundy Trade Rumours

With Roo & Ditts

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Adelaide co-captain Tex Walker has addressed trade rumours linking superstar Collingwood ruckman Brodie Grundy to the Crows.



“That wasn’t really confident to me,” Tex said of Tom Browne’s report on Talking Footy last night.

“Tom Browne said ‘I think as of tonight’. I think if I go and buy a lotto ticket I’m gonna win it!”

Tex steered clear of speculation while Grundy is still a Pie.

“He’s contracted with Collingwood,” he said.

“It’d be disrespectful if I was to go on and say ‘yeah we want him and all this’, it’d be disrespectful to Collingwood if I went on and said that.”

The chat follows Tom Browne saying that Grundy has put off contract talks with Collingwood for the time being.


Tex also spoke to Roo and Ditts about winning the Showdown, the Dane Rampe incident and more.


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Rudi Edsall

14 May 2019

Article by:

Rudi Edsall

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