Tex Walker Responds To 'Cult-Like Training Camp' Rumour

Speaking on Triple M this morning.

26 March 2018

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A Fox Footy story is claiming that some senior members of the Adelaide Crows are suffering after effects from a gruelling, 'cult-lil' pre-season training camp.

The Crows took part in a week long training camp on the Gold Coast known as the Mankind Project, run by a group named Collective Mind.

The article, written by journalist Tom Morris, claims that during that training camp, some senior members of the Crows were put on a bus in only their team shorts and blindfolded for several days, not knowing where they were heading - an action that has left some players still feeling emotional hardships.

Speaking to Roo and Ditts on Triple M Adelaide this morning, Adelaide captain Taylor Walker flat out refuted those claims.



"That journalist has got some things that are completely wrong," Walker told Triple M.

"The camp that we went on as a footy club, personally I found one of the most beneficial and rewarding camps I've ever been on as an individual.

"And I encourage any of my mates or family members to do the same thing.

"Our football club, like most other AFL clubs in the competition, are trying to get an edge over other clubs in the mental space, and we've been doing that for a couple of years."

Walker said he was "not aware" of any players feeling any after affects from the camp and claimed it was "one of the best camp he has ever been on".



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