Tex Walker Says He Doesn’t Like 16 Minutes Quarters

On Bernie and Jars for Breakfast

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Ex-Adelaide skipper Tex Walker says he doesn’t rate 16 minute quarters.


“I’m not a big fan of the 16 minute quarters,” Tex said on Bernie and Jars for Breakfast.

“It’s just too short. You can’t hold momentum for too long, you can’t hold off the opposition if they get a bit of momentum.

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Tex said moving back to 20 minute quarters could help increase scoring.

“I think the whole reason why we were going 16 minute quarters was we were gonna play more regular games of footy over the Covid period,” he said.

“I reckon the spectacle of that, and obviously the scores are quite low at the moment, I’d love to see the scores get back up there.”

Tex also discusssed the Crwos’ loss to Brisbane, how the playing group is going in the hub, livign with Bernie Vince and more.


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30 June 2020

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