That INXS Wembley Gig To Be Released In Glorious Blu-Ray, COMPLETE With Long Lost Track

Out June 26th

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A little tidbit of news for the hard core INXS fans and those of you who bloody love an iconic, timeless rock concert!

The legendary INXS Wembley gig from 1991 is getting re-released in glorious blu-ray on June 26th.

To the casual observer, this might not seem like a big deal, right? After all, the concert has been released on DVD some time ago. But just weigh this up for size.

  1. This release is the result of a painstaking process where technicians restored the original 35mm print to create an epic widescreen version in 4K Ultra HD
  2. The all-important soundtrack (remember, the band were ON FIRE so musically, the performance is awesome) has been remixed, remastered and restored by the band’s Executive Music Producer Giles Martin and Sam Okell, created at Abbey Road Studios. Yes, Giles Martin, son of the Beatles' producer Sir George Martin
  3. This version features a long lost track, Lately, that never made the original DVD or CD release of the gig. The story goes that, apparently, this song never made the cut previously because, back in the day, big camera crews used the aforementioned 35mm film and it was during this track that the film crews were manically changing over film canisters. Somehow, they've managed to find enough footage from enough cameras to give this underrated classic off their album X the love it deserves
  4. It's Wembley Stadium, the iconic Wembley, in 1991. Six Aussies playing to and winning over the Poms. Only 5 years previously, the band were showered with projectiles from the audience when they supported Queen

It's important to note too that this classic performance, sadly, doesn't feature the band's iconic traditional closer, Don't Change. INXS made it a habit of closing pretty much every gig they did since Shabooh Shoobah with their 1982 smash, but for the Wembley XS gig in 1991, urban myth has it that the schedule was running over, so two songs were dropped from the setlist. Don't Change and Listen Like Thieves. Bugger it!

It's out June 26th, with no word yet on a A 4K UHD edition.


We just had to find something in the archives related to the great INXS and we stumbled across this. The late, great Michael Hutchence talking about what made INXS, INXS!


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1 May 2020

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