Tigers or Crows?

29 September 2017

Article heading image for THE AFL GRAND FINAL IS HERE

The AFL Grand Final is almost here, you can smell it, feel it and certainly hear the excitement on the airwaves on Triple M. Now it can be assumed that the majority of people you know won’t be staunch fans of the Adelaide Crows or the Richmond Tiers, however just from walking down the main street and asking people around town, I’ve found that people are really one or the other. There may not be WA teams competing but boy our decisiveness finally makes it way out of the woodwork when it comes to backing a side in the Grand Final. I felt this was the same last year with the Sydney Swans and Western Bulldogs.

Both clubs have their back stories, of course Adelaide that bit more emotive as it was only a couple of years ago the coach Phil Walsh was murdered by his own son, I can’t even imagine how those who knew him and played for him must of felt at the time and that will be a big motivator them come tomorrow. But the Tigers also have a point to prove, having not had the chance at the premiership trophy for what seems like a lifetime. Who are you barracking for? Feel free to get in touch with me via the Central Wheatbelt or Avon Valley Facebook pages.


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