The Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival Is Coming Direct To Our Homes!

Laughs when we need them most!

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With everything that's going on around us, we are all in need of a good laugh and to help deliver that straight to our televisions, streaming giants Stan have teamed up with some of our favourite comedians for the 'Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival'. 

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, comedy shows across the country have been cancelled, BUT the featured comedians are taking some of the material from their cancelled 2020 shows and will be performing from their very own lounges, kitchens, bedrooms and maybe even bathrooms...


All of the comedians will be taking into account the new social distancing rules and health & safety regulations, so will be setting up and operating their own cameras with a director on standby via video chat. 


Are you impressed yet? Because WE definitely are!! 

Created by Stan and Guesswork Television,'The Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival' will star some of the funniest people in the country including Will Anderson, Cal Wilson, Dave Hughes, Tommy Little, Steph Tisdell, Michelle Brasier and many more. 

The news comes after the cancellation of massive comedy festivals and tours such as the iconic Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival. Not only have the cancellations impacted the comedians themselves, but have also impacted plenty of hardworking Australians in desperate need of a good laugh. 

Thankfully, we have some of the most brilliant minds in Australia, coming together to bring us exactly that... a really good laugh. 

There will be more details on the premiere date and the full line-up of comedians still to come, so keep an eye on this space! 

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Georgie Marr

9 April 2020

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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