The Australian Music Industry Are Pleading With You To #KeepYourTicket

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Local music promoter and industry veteran, John Zaccaria, has made an impassioned plea for punters to get on-board a new hashtag that may go a long way to saving our music industry from Coronavirus ruin.

#KeepYourTicket means exactly that. John explained to Clairsy, Matt and Kymba below.


As John suggests, these are unprecedented times, but the music industry is always quick to step in and help when help is neeeded. Think the recent Bushfire relief concert as an example.

Although John is also quick to note that we're within our rights to get a refund, he's proposed some other alternatives that make a whole lot of sense. Gifting the ticket, as an example.

The #KeepYourTicket momentum is gathering nation wide so who knows, this could become the saviour of our music industry.

Earlier this week, our friends at Triple M recorded what the updated Covid-19 plan means for Aussie music. Not good!

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20 March 2020

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