The Bend Motorsport Park Offered As A Quarantine Bubble To Host F1

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A war is about to waged between two states as South Australia throws its hat in to the bid to host the Formula One.

Well-known Adelaide family the Shahin’s have offered up The Bend Motorsport Park and up to $7m in private funding to host November's cancelled Australian Grand Prix or Phillip Island’s cancelled MotoGP.


The ambitious bid to revive the Melbourne event would require the state government to fork out $20m in order to lock and load the F1 licence fee.

Dr Sam Shahin has offered the The Bend as a quarantined bubble facility and hopes the offer to revive the revving sport in the state would be taken up.

“They need to keep producing ‘content’ and putting events on for the fans and we would be offering them that opportunity at a Covid safe location if the political and health circumstances permit”

- Dr Sam Shahin

The countries' most prestigious motorsport event the Australian GP was cancelled earlier this week, along with the MotoGP on Phillip Island, due to Covid-19 fears.


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9 July 2021

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