The Best Stand-Up Specials On Netflix And Stan Right Now

Need a laugh? Us too.

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Look, we all know why we're here: We're spending a helluva lot more time with our streaming services, and we could all do with some cheering up.

And who better to point us in the right direction of a laugh or two than one of our resident comedians: Triple M's Sarah Maree.

Together with our token English bloke-about-the-office Matt Bellotti, Sarah Maree's going to go through her top comedy specials to stick on while you're getting to know your couch a little better.

There'll be some stuff here you may already know, plenty you won't know and the occasional suggestion that's just plain inappropriate.

Wouldn't be Triple M if it wasn't, to be fair.

Listen to our best stand-up specials on Netflix and Stan below:

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Have a listen:

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Triple M Staff

26 March 2020

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Triple M Staff

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