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The Big Breakfast are spending the week on Australia's beautiful Coral Coast, capturing the sights, sounds and sensational all along the way.

Here's what's going down for the week, all along the #coralcoasthighway.

Day 1: Fly to Exmouth

We're hopping on a Qantas flight from Perth to Learmonth, just a casual 2 or so hours... After landing at Learmonth, we're renting some awesome cars from Avis and heading off to Exmouth Escape Resort.

Dinner is at the Whalebone Brewery, which comes as good news to the beer drinkers amongst us.

Day 2: Whale Sharks

We're heading off to dive with whale sharks, what more needs to be said :)

Dinner will be held at the fabulous Whalers Restaurant.

Day 3: Drive To Carnarvon

We'll be broadcasting on the Monday from the Exmouth Escape Resort... should be fun!

Once done, we're off to Carnarvon via the fantastic Bullara Station for scones and tea with Edwina and Tim, then off to the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum to get our inner nerd on!

Clairsy and Matt are then going on a helicopter tour, which @dantheinternut will no doubt film.

After checking into the Coral Coast Tourist Park, we're off to dinner at Sails.

Day 4: Drive To Denham

In the morning, we'll be broadcasting from the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum, then straight into a car to drive to Denham... well, some of us are driving.

Some of us are taking a scenic flight to Denham.

From Denham, it's the short drive to Monkey Mia, with dinner at Monkey Mia, Denham.

Day 5: Off To Kalbarri

With the breakfast show done at Monkey Mia, there's the obligatory dolphin feeding at 9.30am. What a treat!

Then some will be departing for another scenic flight, this time to Kalbarri.

Once in Kalbarri, we're checking into the Kalbarri Edge Resort, with dinner at Finlay's, Kalbarri.

Day 6: Gero, Here We Come

Thursday, we're broadcasting from the very place we had dinner the night before, Finlay's.

After that, it's off to Gero, via the famous Pink Lake and the accompanying Buggy and Quad Bike Tour, great for the revheads amongst us.

That's sure to work up an appetite, which will no doubt be quenched with a seafood extravaganza in Geraldton!

We then depart for the Gerald Apartment Hotel, with dinner at the Old Man And The Sea.

Last Day: From Gero To Perth

After our final Friday show at the Gerald Apartment Hotel, we're packing up and driving back to Perth.

The whole week, taking in all the sights of the beautiful Coral Coast, via the #coralcoasthighway.

For more information on the Coral Coast, visit their website.

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Written by: @dantheinternut


11 May 2019

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