The Boys Are Split On Daniel Menzel’s Omission

'I'm surprised he's not playing.'

Ethan Meldrum

8 September 2017

Ethan Meldrum

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The boys were fairly split on the omission of Daniel Menzel for Friday night, with Luke Darcy and Chris Judd able to see why, but Nathan Brown surprised.

Menzel was a surprise omission on Thursday night, despite kicking 38 goals for the season.

Only Tom Hawkins has managed more for the Cats this season.

Browny said on the Friday Huddle he was "surprised".

"He's missed a few games as well, so he's averaging two and a bit goals a game," he said.

"He's a hard match up, too. I would have thought that tonight if he did play it was Dylan Grimes that would have gone to him, because he handles those sort of players well, so it takes a good player out.

"I'm surprised he's not playing."

Juddy noted that forward pressure was the issue.

"But he is ranked the worst pressure player in the forward 50, isn't he, out of the permanent forwards?" he proposed.

"I guess that's why he's not playing. As harsh as it is, I guess if he's ever a place to make those harsh calls, September's the time to do it."

Darce likened Menzel to Richmond's Jason Castagna, who says he has held his spot on forward pressure.

"I guess it's a good line of sight on what coaches value now, how high that part of the game is regarded," he said.

"Castagna stays in the side tonight...and he probably gets in on forward pressure alone, even though he hasn't kicked a goal for a month.

"It's a brutal game, it's a tough, tough call."

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