The Changing Face Of Supercars

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8 March 2017

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With production of the Falcon FG X officially ending last year, Ford teams are beginning to look to the future.

No more Falcons are going to be made and that means finding its replacement for Supercar racing.

The iconic Mustang's return to Aussie showrooms has been well-received, sparking talk it may well be the logical choice for the blue oval.

Some new rules that begin in 2018 will make it easier for team to prep 2-door cars like the Mustang along with non-V8 engines.

Right now the DJR Team Penske squad have the firmest ties to Ford but concede they're a long way off parking their Falcons for good.

The team insist change will eventually happen and they've started to look into the possibility of racing Mustangs beyond 2018.

But DJR-TP say they'll only swap 4 doors for 2 with Ford's blessing.

What do you think, are Mustangs the way to go for Supercars?

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