The Completely Bizarre Week In News For INXS

Some good, some bad and a rare clip

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It's been a big week for INXS news and it's a bit all over the shop, if we're being honest.

The week begun with some horrific stories going around about the extent of Tim Farriss' finger injury that he sustained in January of 2015.

Farriss has been in court this week, suing a Sydney rental boat operator from which he hired the boat that led to the incident that reportedly saw him scream, "it's taken my finger off!"

At the time, Farriss was reportedly working on the boat's anchoring system that led to the accident.

Meanwhile, Farriss' younger brother Andrew also hit the news, announcing to the world that he was reinventing himself as a country artist.

Whilst this may come as a shock for many of INXS' fans worldwide, it's clearly a new direction that Andrew feels comfortable pursuing. He's spent a fair amount of time in arguably the world capital of country music, Nashville, and this announcement is no doubt a culmination of that time spent in America's south.

If you take the time to listen to the Farriss penned INXS track Johnson's Aeroplane, you'll get the feeling that Farriss has a pretty strong connection with the country. So this sort of makes sense.

Finally, whilst spending a lazy Friday arvo doing anything other than work, we found this. A super rare, bizarrely good interview with INXS' late great frontman, Michael Hutchence.

The clip, much of it in French, shows Hutchence discussing how a chat with U2's Larry Mullen Jr helped define the new direction of U2 at the time, as well as Michael's bizarre "operatic" experiences with Freddie Mercury and how he dreamed of David Bowie, and not in a good way.

He also goes on a weird car ride that is something you'd probably see Jerry Seinfeld doing nowadays on Netflix.

Check it out:

Probably a French TV show Hutchence did back to sell INXS' 1992 album Welcome To Wherever You Are and then subsequently 1993's Full Moon Dirty Hearts.


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2 August 2019

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