The Council Will Soon Be Recycling Rocky Roads!!

And we don't mean the candy...

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Thanks to the creative and innovative brains of the Council's Civil Operations Team, the Rockhampton region is about to become even more environmentally friendly!

The Civil Operations team have come together to propose improved infrastructure throughout Rockhampton using entirely recycled materials.


When the roads are being repaired, often the older materials like the asphalt and concrete are pulled up and taken to landfill.

The Civil Ops saw this as the perfect opportunity to get creative and transform what would normally be useless waste, into product that can be reused for future projects!


The plans are said to dramatically reduce Rocky's environmental impact and is also set to save the community a heap of cash!

So let's all take a moment to congratulate the region on their sustainable future!!

Georgie Marr

29 May 2019

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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