The Covid Wrap: A State-By-State Summary On Covid Across Australia

Don’t blink, it could change

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison authorised 300.000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines for Western Sydney as NSW announced an alarming 38 new cases on Thursday. 

Mr Morrison urged Sydneysiders to comply with lockdown restrictions.

"Compliance with the orders that have been put in place by the New South Wales government could not be more critical"

- PM Scott Morrison

The PM also announced changes to its COVID-19 temporary disaster payment from the third week of the Greater Sydney lockdown.

In the meantime, a major operation by NSW Police cracking down on Covid-19 compliance across south-west Sydney has kicked off to put an end to the dissent.


Across other parts of the country: 

WA Premier Mark McGowan, flabbergasted by the attitude of Sydney residents, urges NSW to ‘get it under control’, as the largest state records no new cases with the forecast for restrictions set to ease on Monday.  

South Australia have softened their hard border restrictions with Western Australia and the Northern Territory but remain closed to New South Wales and the ACT. 

In the Northern Territory all close contacts linked to last week's Covid-19 lockdown have tested negative.

Queensland recorded two new locally acquired cases on Thursday as Sunshine Coast Hospital workers quarantine after a potential exposure to Delta strain.

Down south and Victoria recorded its eighth consecutive day with no new local COVID-19 cases with restrictions toned down from Friday.

Finally, travellers from specific areas of Queensland can now travel to Tasmania quarantine-free after border restrictions were eased on Thursday.

To wrap up in the words of Mr Scott Morrsion “there are shifting sands when it comes to the evolution of this issue".


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8 July 2021

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