The Covid Wrap: A State-By-State Summary On Covid Across Australia

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As the country calls out Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Covid vaccine rollout the greatest public policy failure, more than 13 million Australians endure lockdowns to quash the current Covid outbreaks.

A week of politicking and podium verbosity on 'he said, she said' following record numbers in New South Wales has left Aussies feeling a little deflated, at least across three states living through lockdowns.

But earlier in the week, and after growing pressure we saw the PM acknowledge the challenges his government had in delivering the vaccine rollout earlier in the year.

"I'm certainly sorry that we haven't been able to achieve the marks that we had hoped for at the beginning of this year. Of course, I am,"

- PM Scott Morrison

A long time coming, AMA president Dr Omar Khorshid has said it was the right thing to do.

"I think by manning up to it and actually accepting responsibility, the Prime Minister has demonstrated some leadership qualities that I think all Australians are happy to see,"

- Dr Omar Khorshid

Meanwhile, as Morrison publicised Gladys Berejiklian's refusal to accept his offer of Defence Force troops to help curb Sydney's outbreak, Victoria's Premier Dan Andrews demanded a 'ring of steel' be set around Sydney, only to be retaliated by Ms Berejiklian crying foul, spruiking for a national round-up of Pfizer doses to go toward NSW declaring a 'national emergency' is at hand.

Finally, wrapping up the working week that was, state and territory leaders met in 'the Zoom room', for a national cabinet to discuss the growing Covid-19 crisis.


Across other parts of the country: 

WA’s Premier Mark McGowan has set up a 'jab and showbag' trial at the Perth Royal Show.  WA has also re-instated their border restrictions with NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. While, ACT and the Territory need to quarantine for 14 days, which leaves Tasmanian's as the only Aussies allowed in. The state recorded no new covid-19 cases on Friday

South Australia recorded one new locally acquired case on Friday, maintaining a soft border with Western Australia and the Northern Territory but remaining closed to Victoria, NSW, the ACT and some parts of Queensland

Australia’s Capital Territory continues to keep a tight grip on border control with NSW and Victoria, while travellers from elsewhere across the country can travel freely to the ACT. They recorded zero new covid-19 cases

The Northern Territory continue with their lucky streak with no new cases, but have closed off their friendship to most of Victoria, Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Woollong as well as anyone from Brisbane and Morton Bay

Queensland’s Premier is on a high after winning the 2032 Olympic Games for her sunny state, but is not sharing the sunshine joy with Victoria, South Australia, Sydney and her greater regions as well as Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour. The sunshine state recorded 3 new cases on Friday, with Dreamworld added to their list of exposure sites…could be one to watch

New South Wales notched 136 new Covid-19 cases on Friday with Premier Gladys Berejiklian tightening restrictions for two LCA's. ‘Stay at home’ Sydneysiders are banned from leaving their fair city, while interstate arrivals from Northern Territory, Queensland and Victoria in the last fortnight, must self-isolate

Down south and Victoria recorded 14 new local COVID-19 cases on Friday as the state restricts anyone from anywhere entering without a permit. NSW and ACT are snubbed as a 'red zone', while most other areas across the country are a shade or 'orange', except for Queensland which is 'green'

The geographical reality for Tasmania as separate from the mainland is this week a 'real plus'. The Apple state have closed the door to greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Wollongong. Meantime, anyone wanting to enter from Victoria or SA needs a pretty good reason, or an exemption, while travellers from WA, QLD and the ACT have been welcomed back into the Tassie fold. The southern most state continues on a zero streak

Finally, across the ditch and Quarantine-free travel to New Zealand is now off the cards for ALL Aussies over the next two months.

To wrap up in the words of Mr Scott Morrsion “there are shifting sands when it comes to the evolution of this issue".


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25 July 2021

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